Care Work: Towards Solidarity and Integration (돌봄: 연대와 통합의 모색)

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On October 29, 2019 the Care Work and the Economy team, led by Seoul National University (SNU), will host the Care Work: Towards Solidarity and Integration.  The event will bring together researchers, advocacy groups, and policymakers for presentations and moderated discussions on the Ethics of Care; Recognizing Unpaid Care Work in Korea, Unifying and Organizing Paid Care Workers in Korea; and lessons and mutual learning from Uruguay and Colombia.  Find additional session information below:


Session 1. Ethics of Care

This session will focus on the ethics and philosophy of care work – providing theoretical and ethical perspectives related with care work in Korea.

Session 2. Recognizing Unpaid Care Work in Korea

This session will discuss the current status of unpaid care work in Korea including the subject of care, the context and condition of care work – focusing on the strain, the amount, and characteristics of care.  We will discuss not only the situation of family care workers who are Korean, but also the situation of migrants (through marriage) who are providing care work. We would like to discuss the situation of family care workers, and seek ways to better support and connect with them, as they tend to be more isolated.

Session 3. Aggregating Dispersed Care Workers: The Experience of Organizing Care Workers in Korea

This session is an opportunity to listen to the experience of advocacy groups in Korea. We aim to learn from various care worker organizations, including unions and associations.

Session 4. Building Solidarity and Integration: The Experience of Uruguay and Colombia

This session aims to share experience of building solidarity and integration in other countries, including the experience in Uruguay of building a national care system and the experience of waste pickers in Colombia.