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November 13th, 2018
Understanding and Measuring Care


Elissa Braunstein

As part of its second year of activities, the Rethinking Macroeconomics Working Group, a part of the Care Work and the Economy (CWE-GAM) Project, is issuing an open call for research papers focused on producing theoretical gender-aware macroeconomic models that incorporate care activities—of ourselves and one another, both paid and unpaid. This charge is intentionally a wide one, as the field is so new and the important questions so numerous. In thinking more specifically about how best to develop a research proposal, we strongly encourage you to keep the following project priorities in mind. The research and modeling should:

  • address how care is economically important;
  • help us better understand and more effectively model the links between care, development and sustainability, as well as standard economic variables and concerns;
  • be policy-relevant, even when tackling longer-term structural questions;
  • be empirically testable (eventually, if it is not feasible for this paper);
  • focus on developing countries and the kinds of structural economic challenges they face;
  • constitute new, cutting-edge work; and
  • serve as foundation for further work in the sense that models are reproducible, versatile, and applicable to different country contexts.

We would like the set of models to reflect a diversity of methodological approaches, as well as initiate dialogue across schools of thought or combine the best of different modeling tools and norms, yielding a “hybrid” approach. The objectives and work program of the entire research project, as well as the paper abstracts for the Rethinking Macroeconomics Working Group’s first year of activities, can be viewed here.

In addition to producing a paper on macroeconomic modeling, scholars will collectively contribute to a theoretical modeling working group that will give feedback to one another as well as contribute to and draw from other parts of the CWE-GAM Project. In addition to the Rethinking Macroeconomics Working Group,  there are two additional groups of scholars working on South Korea as a case study: the Understanding and Measuring Care Group focuses on estimating the care economy and collecting both time use and qualitative data on paid and unpaid care; and the  Gender-Aware Applied Modelling Group is constructing a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model of the Korean economy that incorporates care and gender dynamics. There will be numerous opportunities to both draw from and contribute to the work of these other groups.

As for timing, paper proposals are due by December 15, 2018, with decisions to be made by a selection committee on January 31, 2019. First draft of papers will be presented at CWE-GAM second annual project meeting scheduled for June 30 – July 2, 2019 in Scotland (right after the International Associate for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) annual conference in Glasgow). Final papers will be due on November 15, 2019, at which point we hope to include them, along with the other CWE-GAM Project papers, in a special issue of an academic journal.

Please, email a brief (2 pages max) research paper proposal to by December 15, 2018.  The proposal should include the following:

  • Title
  • Lead author and affiliation
  • Co-authors and affiliation
  • Research problem, background and rationale
  • Objectives
  • Methodology or modeling approach
  • Expected research findings and policy implications
  • Annex with CVs of proposed authors

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