Cem Oyvat

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Cem Oyvat received his Phd in Economics from University of Massachusetts – Amherst in 2014 with dissertation titled “Essays on the Evolution of Inequality”. His research interests include development economics, macroeconomics, international economics, income distribution and political economy.

CWE-GAM Working Group: Rethinking Macroeconomics 

CWE-GAM Working Paper Contributions:

“Gendering Macroeconomic Analysis and Development Policy: A Theoretical Model for Gender Equitable Development” –  Özlem Onaran, Cem Oyvat &  Eurydice Fotopoulou

“The Effect of Public Social Infrastructure and Gender Equality on Output and Employment: The Case of South Korea” – Cem Oyvat & Özlem Onaran

CWE-GAM Blog Contributions:

Reflections on the Effects of Public Social Infrastructure on Gender Equality on Output and Employment in South Korea