Advancing policy solutions with gender-aware macroeconomic models

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Bringing gender dimensions into macroeconomic models, particularly in the case of care provisioning

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A Bold Research Agenda

Care Work and the Economy is striving to reduce gender gaps in economic outcomes and enhance gender equality by illuminating and properly valuing the broader economic and social contributions of caregivers and integrating care in macroeconomic policymaking toolkits. As the COVID-19 pandemic reinforces the centrality of care in an era of demographic shifts and economic change, we work to provide policymakers and advocacy groups with gender-aware data and analytical tools needed to support creative policy solutions to address the constraints care work places on women’s life and employment choices, in order to transform the current organization and provisioning of care work to be more sustainable.

Policies to Advance Equity

Making care work visible and integrating care and other gendered behaviors into tools policymakers use will lead to better solutions for women and more inclusive growth. Despite considerable progress, women’s choices around caregiving and employment remain constrained. Policymakers need better data on care work and gender-aware analytic tools that illustrate how economic and social policies affect men and women differently to create an enabling environment for the realization of women’s rights.

Meet our Community

We are building a broad network of researchers and policymakers interested in enhancing the methods and tools used for exploring, measuring, and analyzing policies related to care work. We engage economists, sociologists, demographers, gender and development scholars, and others to advance the assessment of care work and a fuller recognition of gender in planning and practice.


Care Work & The Economy's areas of research:

Rethinking Macroeconomics

Bringing gender dimensions into macroeconomic models, particularly in the case of care provisioning.

Understanding & Measuring Care

Developing comprehensive measures and methodological approaches and producing new research that illustrates the intersectionality of care provisioning, economic growth and distribution.

Gender Aware Applied Modeling

Developing country-specific macroeconomic tools that integrate care and gendered dynamics.

Global Dimensions Of Care

Estimates the future global demands for caregiving, taking into account projected shifts in population growth, labor force participation, and health status.


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