The Care Work and the Economy Project is producing new research and developing innovative analytic tools to advance our understanding of care work –care of children, the sick and disabled, and the elderly and to demonstrate how integrating care into policy tools such as macromodels provide a more comprehensive understanding of policy impacts on growth, distribution, and gender equality. 

Journal Publications

Ignacio González, Bongsun Seo & Maria S. Floro (2022) Gender Wage Gap, Gender Norms, and Long-Term Care: A Theoretical Framework, Feminist Economics, 28:3, 84-113, DOI: 10.1080/13545701.2022.2081353

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Peng, I., & Jun, J. (2022). Impacts of COVID-19 on Parents With Small Children in South Korea: Survey Findings and Policy Implications. International Journal of Care and Caring, 6(1-2), 13-32.

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문현아, & 차승은. (2020). 가족의 노인 돌봄 경험과 딜레마: 누가 돌보고 어디에서 돌봐야 하는가. 가족과 문화, 32(1), 102-131.

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