Paula Herrera-Idarraga

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Paula Herrera-Idarraga is an associate Professor at Javeriana University. Her research interests include labor economics, regional economics and gender economics. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Barcelona. Her research has been focused on topics related to educational mismatch, informality, regional inequalities and gender discrimination for Colombia. Her research documents the relationship between informality and education-occupation mismatches in an emerging country such as Colombia. Her work also recognizes the regional wage inequalities and the role of education and informality for explaining these disparities. Her most recent research focus in how a national policy that lowered payroll taxes could also explain the decrease in wage gaps between cities in Colombia. Her articles have been published in academic journals such as The Journal of Development Studies, Spatial Economic Analysis and Regional Studies.


CWE-GAM Working Group: Global Dimensions of Care