Ramaa Vasudevan

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Ramaa Vasudevan is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Colorado State University. She completed her Ph.D. in economics from New School University, New York. Her research engages with the political economy of money and finance. This includes work on the functioning of international monetary system, the different ways in which integration with global markets shapes the developmental trajectory of countries in the developing world, the connection between the workings of the international dollar standard and the contemporary crisis and a historical-institutional analysis of shadow money and shadow banking. More recently she has been investigating the the implications of financialization for macroeconomic dynamics in the US by extending the Post-keynesian model to incorporate a managerial class and the role of finance. Her current work addresses the implications of of the growth of micro-finance for the care-economy, and its repercussions in the wider macro-economy, in the context of developing economies.


CWE-GAM Working Group: Rethinking Macroeconomics 

CWE-GAM Working Paper Contributions:

“Microfinance and the Care Economy” – Ramaa Vasudevan  & Srinivas Raghav

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Reflections on Microfinance and the Care Economy