Community of Researchers

Community of Researchers

About Our Community of Researchers

We are building a broad network of scholars and policymakers interested in incorporating issues related to care work and gender into the methods and tools used for formulating, implementing and analyzing macroeconomic and social policies. We engage economists, sociologists, demographers, gender and development scholars, and others to advance the assessment of care work and a fuller recognition of gender in planning and practice.


Portrait of Caren Grown

Senior Director, Gender

World Bank

Portrait of Diane Elson

Emeritus Professor

Essex University

Portrait of Nancy Folbre

Director, Program on Gender and Care Work

Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Portrait of Elissa Braunstein

Professor of Economics

Colorado State University

Nonresident Senior Fellow

Brookings Institution

Portrait of Emiko Ochiai

Professor of Sociology

Kyoto University

Evrydiki (Eurydice) Fotopoulou


Goldsmiths, University of London

Portrait of Hans Lofgren

Independent Consultant

Hyuna Moon

Senior Researcher

Institute of International Affairs, Seoul National University

Close up of Ito Peng


University of Toronto

Ki-Soo Eun

Professor of Sociology and Demography

Seoul National University

Portrait of Maria Floro


American University