Intensive Course in Gender-Sensitive Macroeconomic Modeling for Policy Analysis

Day 6: Paid Care Market and Care Policies

Sessions 6.1 – 6.2 Estimating the Paid Care Sector: Illustration

Instructor: Jooyeoun Suh


  1. Introduction
  2. Definition and Nature of Paid Care Work
  3. The Paid Care Sector
  4. The Case of Domestic Workers
  5. Trends in Fertility Rates
  6. Estimating the Paid Care Sector: The case of Korea
  7. Global Care Chain and Migrant Care Workers 

This session aims to help participants understand the issues involved in defining and measuring the paid care sector. An empirical exercise using labor force survey data will help participants develop their own ways to conduct descriptive analyses based on various data sources. 

Main Readings

International Labour Organization. 2018. “Care Work and Care Jobs For the Future of Decent Work,” Chapter,” 1 (pp. 6-12) and Chap 2 (pp. 39-53). Available to download at:

Suh, Jooyeoun. 2020. “Estimating the Paid Care Sector in South Korea.” CWE-GAM Working Paper Series: 20-07, Program on Gender Analysis in Economics, American University, Washington, DC. Available at: uploads/sites/2/2020/11/20-07-SuhPDFFinal.pdf. 

Supplementary Readings

Duffy, Mignon and Amy Armenia. 2019. “Paid Care Work around the Globe: A Comparative Analysis of 47 Countries prepared for UN Women.” LIS Working Paper Series, No. 758, Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), Luxembourg. Available at: