Eurydice Fotopoulou is a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.  Eurydice’s research focuses on gender and macroeconomics, and in particular structular models that investigate income and wealth distribution inequality. She

Özlem Onaran

Özlem Onaran is Professor of Economics at the University of Greenwich since 2012 and the director of the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre. She is currently directing a project for

Drafts of four of Group 1’s first-year of commissioned models were presented at the flagship annual meeting of the American Economic Association in January of this year. Presenters included Elissa

Our Research Team

Looking out at the world in wheelchair


Care Work and the Economy is producing new research and developing innovative analytic tools to advance our understanding of care work –care of children, the sick and disabled, and the elderly and to demonstrate how integrating care into policy tools such as macromodels provide a more comprehensive understanding of policy impacts on growth, distribution, and gender equality. Our research agenda has three main components: 1) Rethinking Macroeconomics, 2) Understanding and Measuring Care, 3) Gender-Aware Applied Modelling.