Hans Lofgren

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Hans Lofgren is an independent consultant and was formerly a Senior Economist at the World Bank where he developed MAMS (Maquette for Millennium Development Goal Simulations), a model for medium- to long-run country-level policy analysis that has been applied to some 50 countries with a focus on fiscal policy, human development, and the labor market. Before joining the World Bank in 2004 he was a Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). At IFPRI, he worked closely with Sherman Robinson to develop the IFPRI standard CGE model that may be world’s most widely used single-country CGE model. He was a Research Fellow of the GTAP (Global Trade Analysis Project) for the period 2014-2017 in recognition of his contributions to single-country CGE modeling. Hans holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.

CWE-GAM Working Group: Gender Aware Applied Economics 

CWE-GAM Working Paper Contributions:

“A Gendered Social Accounting Matrix for South Korea – Hans Lofgren, Kijoing Kim, Marzia Fontana & Martin Cicowiez

Child And Elderly Care in South Korea: Policy Analysis With a Gendered, Care Focused Computable General Equilibrium Model” Martín Cicowiez & Hans Lofgren

CWE-GAM Methodological Report Contributions: “CWE-GAM Methodology Report Gem-Care: A Gendered Dynamic General Equilibrium Model for Analysis of Care” Hans Lofgren & Martín Cicowiez

CWE-GAM Blog Contributions:

A Gendered Social Accounting Matrix for South Korea, CWE Research Team Presents Prototype Model of the Care Economy at Conference in Colombia