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The Care Work and Economy project has awarded five research teams funding to produce theoretical gender-aware macromodels that incorporate care in the development context.  Each team contributes to one of

Elissa Braunstein

Elissa Braunstein is Professor of Economics at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, as well Editor for the journal Feminist Economics. Most recently she worked for 2.5 years as a

Diane Elson

Diane Elson, from the United Kingdom, is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Sociology at Essex University, Visiting Professor at the WiSE Research Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University and Research Associate

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Since the 1980s, growth processes have been undermined by inadequate understanding of the interconnection between standard notions of “the economy” and the care economy. The consequences of gender-blind economic policies, and the sorts of growth and distribution dynamics that result, for gender inequalities and care provisioning have been far reaching and complex. They require a deeper understanding of the ways that the invisibility of unpaid care in macroeconomic policy formulation and analysis have led to persistent underinvestment in care provisioning, reproducing and reconfiguring gender hierarchies.

Drafts of four of Group 1’s first-year of commissioned models were presented at the flagship annual meeting of the American Economic Association in January of this year. Presenters included Elissa

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ABOUT RETHINKING MACROECONOMICS The Rethinking Macroeconomics Working Group is bringing gender dimensions into macroeconomic models, particularly in the case of care provisioning.  Researchers in the Rethinking Macroeconomics Cluster are working

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