Hyuna Moon

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Dr. Hyuna Moon received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Academy of Korean Studies. After receiving her Ph.D in political science, she expanded her interest to the field of feminism and NGO health movement. Based on her knowledge and experiences of Korean society/history and gender studies, she taught graduate courses on Korean studies as a lecturer at Seoul National University. Her research interests focus on the relationship between gender and various issues including migration, health, family, and division of labors. Related to the theme of care she wrote with her colleagues a book titled Who Will Take Care of the Care Workers? (2012, Hanul) (in Korean). Her book Mothers also Want to Hand in their Resignation (2012, Jisik Nomad) (in Korean) was written based on interviews with mothers in contemporary Korean society.



CWE-GAM Working Group: Understanding and Measuring Care 

CWE-GAM Working Paper Contributions:

“Care Arrangement and Activities in South Korea: An Analysis of the 2018 Care Work Family Survey on Childcare and Eldercare” – Eunhye Kang, Ki-Soo Eun, Jiweon Jun, Seung-Eun Cha & Hyuna Moon

“Glimpse on Family Caregivers’ Context: Actual vs. Desired Time for Elderly Care” – Seung-Eun Cha & Hyuna Moon

An Overview of Care Policies and the Status of Care Workers in South Korea” – Ito Peng, Seung-Eun Cha & Hyuna Moon

CWE-GAM Methodology Report Contributions:

“The Qualitative Methodology and Survey Instruments: South Korea Field Work”– Hyuna Moon, Seung-Eun Cha, Ki-Soo Eun, Eunhye Kang & Ito Peng

CWE-GAM Blog Contributions:

A Narrative on Care, Current Policies and Programs Addressing Childcare and Eldercare in South Korea, The Progression of South Korea’s Childcare Model