INTENSIVE VIRTUAL COURSE IN gender-sensitive macroeconomic modelling 



This 15-day course offered in partnership by the Care Work and the Economy (CWE-GAM) project at  American University and the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College to develop and enhance the skills in estimating care economies and developing gender-sensitive macroeconomic models for policy analysis. The course aims to engage with fellows to enhance capacity building in research and teaching of gender-sensitive economic analysis, with a focus on care and macroeconomic policy aspects. The course is built on four pillars: a) understanding and measuring the care economy; b) adapting social accounting matrices to account for paid and unpaid care activities; c) use of information from time-use surveys on unpaid care activities with other relevant sources and information such as national income accounts, labor force surveys and household or special surveys; and d) performing policy-relevant economic analyses that take systematic account of the interlinkages between care, macroeconomic processes,  and distribution. This course is held virtually June 28 - July 17, 2021.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Gender Analysis in Economics and Feminist Economics

Gender Relations in Households

Gender Relations in the Labor Market

Demographic Change and Demand for Care

Defining and Measuring Care

Estimating Unpaid Care Sector: An Illustration

Paid Caregivers and the Market for Care

Social, Labor and Care Policies

Estimating Paid Care Sector: Illustration

Gender, Care and Macroeconomics: Introduction

Gender, Care and Macroeconomics: Growth and Distribution

Introduction to Social Accounting Matrices and Computable General Equilibrium Models

Levy Macro-Micro Model

Levy Macro-Micro Model: Overview and Policy Interventions

Levy Macro-Micro Model: Macro modeling of Policy Interventions

Levy Macro-Micro Model: Micro Modeling of Policy Interventions I—Employment Impacts

Levy Macro-Micro Model: Micro Modeling of Policy Interventions II—Time Use Impacts

Description of GEM-Care, CGE Model Focused on the Analysis of Care I

Description of GEM-Care, CGE Model Focused on the Analysis of Care II

GEM-Care Applications: Scenario Definition and Analysis of Results

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