WORKING PAPERS GENDER WAGE AND EQUITY AND INVESTMENTS IN CARE: MODELING EQUITY AND PRODUCTION Download Paper Date: October, 2020 Authors: Elissa Braunstein & Daniele Tavani            

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June 13-15, I attended the 21st Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, held in Cartagena, Colombia, to present and discuss a draft of an early project output, titled “Care in

CWE Research Team Prototype CGE Model Presented at the 21st Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis Hans Lofgren presented the first draft of “Care in an Aging East Asian Economy:

Hans Lofgren

Hans Lofgren is an independent consultant and was formerly a Senior Economist at the World Bank where he developed MAMS (Maquette for Millennium Development Goal Simulations), a model for medium-

Kijong Kim

Kijong Kim is a research associate in Gender Equality and the Economy program at Levy Economics Institute. His current research interests lie in distributional impact analyses of social and fiscal

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The importance of public investment and adequate care policies for gender equality has come to the forefront of the policy agenda in recent years. The Sustainable Development Goals framework for

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