Eurydice Fotopoulou is a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.  Eurydice’s research focuses on gender and macroeconomics, and in particular structular models that investigate income and wealth distribution inequality. She

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Options for modeling the distributional impact of care policies using a general equilibrium (cge) framework Download Policy Brief Brief prepared by: Marzia Fontana, Binderiya Byambasuren & Carmen Estrades       Economy-wide

Cem Oyvat presenting paper at conference

According to the Global Gender Gap Index of the World Economic Forum (2018), South Korea is one of the lowest ranked countries in the world in terms of “Economic Participation

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2019 Care Work and the Economy Annual Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland The Care Work and the Economy (CWE-GAM) held its 2nd Annual Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland on June 30-July 2,

WORKING PAPERS GENDER WAGE AND EQUITY AND INVESTMENTS IN CARE: MODELING EQUITY AND PRODUCTION Download Paper Date: October, 2020 Authors: Elissa Braunstein & Daniele Tavani            

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The Care Work and Economy project has awarded five research teams funding to produce theoretical gender-aware macromodels that incorporate care in the development context.  Each team contributes to one of

Cem Oyvat

Cem Oyvat received his Phd in Economics from University of Massachusetts – Amherst in 2014 with dissertation titled “Essays on the Evolution of Inequality”. His research interests include development economics,

Özlem Onaran

Özlem Onaran is Professor of Economics at the University of Greenwich since 2012 and the director of the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre. She is currently directing a project for

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