Özlem Onaran

Özlem Onaran is Professor of Economics at the University of Greenwich since 2012 and the director of the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre. She is currently directing a project for

CWE-GAM Working Paper Series

WORKING PAPERS GENDER WAGE AND EQUITY AND INVESTMENTS IN CARE: MODELING EQUITY AND PRODUCTION Download Paper Date: October, 2020 Authors: Elissa Braunstein & Daniele Tavani            

Intensive Course – Day 8

During the first week of June, the Center for Transnational Migration and Social Inclusion at Seoul University and the Care Work and the Economic Project at American University will host

This week, the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) will hold its Annual Conference: “Sustaining Life: Challenges of Multidimensional Crises” starting on Tuesday, June 22nd, and concluding Friday, June 25th.

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